Pilates at Bronxville Acupuncture


Pilates is an exercise system that develops core strength (abdominals, gluts and thighs and deeper postural muscles), supports healthy posture and develops long, lean musculature. Sharon’s private one-on-one matwork sessions include an initial postural assessment, followed by an introduction to the matwork, at whatever level you are. As you become familiar with the exercises you will gain a new found awareness of your posture, and gain the ability to maintain healthy postural patterns in your every day life.

We start with a 3 session package, after which you can continue with private sessions,  join group classes or do the exercises at home. 

Pilates helps with:

* Poor posture

* Back and neck pain

* Chronic aches and pains

* Abdominal weakness and belly fat

* Helping you look and feel your best!


Postural Issues and Back/Neck pain: The combination of pilates and acupuncture results in not only treating discomfort but getting to the root of your pain. Certifications in both Pilates and acupuncture give Sharon the unique ability to not only treat discomfort but analyze and address the root of the problem.

Sharon’s pilates training stems from her earlier dance career and culminated in her certification as a pilates instructor. She has been teaching for 15 years as owner/director of Breathing Light Pilates in Vermont and now teaches group classes at Westchester’s #1 Pilates studio, Fiore Pilates in Mamaroneck.